Located in East Queensland, Australia is the Grosvenor mine. In the Spring of 2015 Carver won a contract from Joy Global to fabricate items for this mine. 

We were tasked with building the worlds biggest chain conveyor. With the Driving end alone weighing in excess of 30 tonnes it took us just under a month to fully fabricate from cutting the steel to delivering it to Joy Global’s UK office in Worcester. The final few items were delivered in mid may.

The scope of this contract outlines our ability to fabricate huge structures with ease. Our crane capacity is capable of lifting up to 50 tonne structures which allows us to go even bigger than the worlds biggest

This ongoing contract has also seen a variety of other products leave our yard and be shipped to Australia. A number of different kinds of wear strips have been delivered, a static and sliding base frame, a support frame, a tension head frame, a Crusher assembly, an Inbye frame, a Matilda complete with feet and trough and several Artic pans.