Steel Underbridge Fabrication for the Fall Lane Project

In the summer of 2014 we were successfully awarded a new project to complete Detail Design and the Steel Fabrication of 2no. U Deck bridges for Amalgamated Construction Ltd/Network Rail. The Underbridge Reconstruction project was located on the outskirts of Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The underbridge consisted of 2 steel underbridge decks, 2 walkways with stairs, 8 bearing pads, 2 handrails and 2 Crash Protection Beams. The combined weight came to just under 110 tonnes; this is before the concrete deck was added to each bridge structure.

Our scope of works included Detail DesignMaterial Processing, Steel Fabrication, Machining, Trial Assembly, Painting, Concreting, Waterproofing and Site Installation.

Works were completed in December 2014 during a Xmas day possession and was successfully delivered and handed back to our client with no delays to rail services.

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The bridge consisted of 2 u-decks for 2 rail lines to run on. Each deck weighed over 45 tonnes before concrete which was cast at our yard in Doncaster. A further 10 tonnes of steel work was applied to the decks onsite as the handrails and walkways were added.

It was lowered into position with no problems and has now had the ballast and rail tracks put into place on it.