Steel is known for its strength and durability, making it a key material for a huge number of applications across many industries. It’s one of the most important construction materials, and something we all come into contact with every single day - from our home appliances to the roads we drive on. But how do we process steel to make it into the components and bespoke structures we fabricate at Carver Engineering? That’s where steel fabrication comes in. Here, we’ll dive into what steel fabrication is, what it’s used for and the process of transforming raw materials into incredibly... Read More
Our company is an organisation recognised for the manufacture of heavy bespoke steel structures. An excellent opportunity has now arisen for a number of highly skilled Fabricators - (Platers and Welders) to join our team on a permanent basis. In addition to this we are also looking to recruit new apprentices that are keen to become Platers or Welders. Please contact our team should you or anyone you know be interested.    
In January 2016 Carver successfully passed the routine reassessment from the auditors of the EN ISO 3834 welding accreditation. We originally passed this in January 2014 and we have effectively secured it for a further term. This is due to the hard work by our team of our Steel Fabrication Specialists and shows how well we are progressing as a company. We have already secured many new customers from the accreditation and look forward to securing more. It outlines our passion for the trade and proves our continued effort to supply and deliver high quality products. Carver... Read More