Material Processing

For processing materials we start at the part base using oxy fuel gas machines capable of cutting any profile up to 200mm thick. This is done in our 24 hour Profile dedicated workshop which contains:

• 2 x six-head CNC machines based on 7m x 3m water beds (CAD/CAM Programmed)
• 2 x Band saw
• Plate Pre heaters
• 10t crane

Our highly experienced technicians work with a variety of exotic metals often to specific procedures  to maintain the integrity of the material. They have many skills in order to shape the metal and trim to absolute precision.

With our pre-heating area we are able to heat our material to the optimum or specified temperature prior to the cutting process whilst not interfering with production, to ensure maximum production is achieved.

Using programs such as Pronest Carver will carefully design the cutting programme to minimise the amount waste and our impact on the environment.